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Data structures with typing

Python Rust Docs
num: int = 1 let num: i32 = 1; // used as default integer integers
word: str = "avocado" let word: String = String::from("avocado"); strings
point: Tuple = (1, 2) let point: (i32, i32) = (1, 2) tuples


Python Rust
print("holis") println!("holis")
map a_vector.into_iter().map()
filter a_vector.into_iter().filter()
functools.reduce* a_vector.into_iter().fold()
  • not a builtin but still useful

Use one variable

Because of immutability and borrowing, try not to spread variables arround. This basically means, do not spread the content of a variable into multiple variables. This is not a problem with native data structures, but it's easy to forget about it.

In rust something like this will fail:

let mama = String::from("pipo");
let moma = mama;
println!("{} {}", mama, moma);

Why? Security and robustness.


What does this mean?


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