Secure passwords with gopass. It creates a folder tree, where encrypted files are the leaves.

GPG Keys

List secret keys

Create new key (required)

Initialize gopass


Initialize new password store (required)

Note: backup your private key in an encrypted disk.

Using gopass

List passwords

Creating passwords

Default store location ~/.password-store/

Generate random pass

Search secrets

Show password in console

Copy password to clipboard

Using stores

Stores (AKA mounts) let you group your passwords. Example: personal, company. Each one can live in a different repository, and you could share company with your peers.

Initialize new store

Creates a new store located at ~/.password-store-my-company.

Add git remote to store

Clone existing store


Synchronize with remotes

Synchronzing a single store

Team sharing

Export public key

Check current recipients

Add public key into gopass